STP moulds are the best in terms of price-quality ticket. STP builds your moulds using the most innovative techniques (3D milling-cutting, wire spark erosion, zinc spark erosion, etc.). We also work with national and foreign mould builders, for instance in China. Always, of course, in consultation with our clients and with final quality control by STP.

Mould prototype
With more than 40years' experience in mould construction we design the best mould for the injection moulding of your product or component in plastic. We start our from your sketch or product example. For each mould we first make a 3D design (CAD/CAM) then we make a prototype. We do not finish the mould in readiness for series injection moulding until after a test injection.

Maintenance, repair and modification of moulds
STP is also your ideal partner for the maintenance, repair and any modification of your mould. In our toolshop we support the most experienced workers with professional advice.

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