STP was founded in 1967 under the name Stockplastics. In 2000 Dirk Gesquiere took over the helm and renamed it STP.

Together with his team he modernized the company and expanded it with a brand new hall of 5000 m². With its modern robot-controlled machine pool STP can now injection-mould plastic products and components of up to 7 kg. The advanced automation and in-house production guarantee constant quality and short turnarounds.

40 years' know-how and experience in injection moulding
With more than 40 years’ technical know-how and experience STP is able to injection-mould the most refined and technical parts. From the start of the process we offer you total solutions according to required quality an application.

Customized work
For every client and for every product we develop a mould and a plastic composite to size.

Matrijzen uit China
STP has 20 workers and works together with specialist mould builders in Belgium and other countries, e.g., China. This enables us to offer top quality at most competitive price.


1967Stockplastics is mainly active in the footwear industry

Stockplastics is mainly active in the footwear industry, there are 3 workers.

1972Stockplastics switches to injection moulding

The footwear industry moves increasingly to low wage environments and Stockplastics switches over to the injection moulding of technical plastic components.

1973The first mould

The first mould was made by Stockplastics itself.

1996Investments at Stockplastics

Investments are made for Wire EDM, zinc EDM and a CNC milling machine for production moulds.

1998Stockplastics becomes STP

The name Stockplastics changes to STP and another 3 injection moulding machines are invested in.

2000Dirk Gesquiere neemt het management in handen

From 2000 Dirk Gesquiere is in charge of management.
At that moment the company has 7 employees and 10 injection moulding machines
up to 200 ton and we have a turnover of 1 million Euro.

2004STP switches to continuous non-stop production in 5 shifts

We switch over to continuous production in 5 shifts, which work continuously during the week and on weekends. This year we achieve a turnover of 2 million Euro.

2005First mould is sub-contracted

The first subcontracted mould was made in China, after which the fine-tuning was done by STP. Since then STP has 16 injection moulding machines.

2007STP expands with a new construction of 1500 m²

STP expands with a new construction of 1500 m² with offices.
A 650 ton machine for pieces up to 2 kg
is also added. STP has an annual turnover of 3 million Euro.

2011STP takes over Mara

Mara is taken over by STP, from now STP also makes trays and pots for plants. 5 machines up to 300 ton are added.

2012STP continues to grow!

STP again expands with a new construction of 2500 m². The mould production moves to the new hall and the mould storage gets a new place in the fireproof room. There are 3 new machines up to 600 ton and the turnover revolves around five million Euro.

STP also has thermoforming capabilities and rotation moulding of plastic parts.
STP also invests in a push-pull bank of 100 kN and thus achieves the Copro label A for grass reinforcement tiles.

2013STP is nominated for Trends Gazelles 2013

STP is nominated for Trends Gazelles 2013: award for continued growth.
An additional injection moulding machine of 800 ton for pieces up to 4 kg is acquired.
Currently there are a total of 25 injection moulding machines, 22 employees in 5 shifts and STP has an annual turnover of 5.5 million Euro.

2014Injection molding machine with robot goes into production

There is an injection molding machine of 1,600 tons with robot goes into production, and can produce pieces with a weight of up to 7 kg.

2015STP uses 850 tons recycled materials (mainly PP and PE)

STP uses about 850 tons of recycled materials (mainly PP and PE) for the production of finished parts such as grass squares, tiles, boxes, trays, green roof tiles ….

2016STP has developed a specialized expertise

New high-speed machine 330 tonnes are productive - a total of 27 injection molding machines.
STP has a specialized know-how in the processing of recycled raw materials - regrind and regranulate.

2017Turnover rises above 6 million


STP can injection-mould the most refined technical plastic parts for you. Our clients and sectors include: :

  • Shutters
  • Awnings, e.g. Harol
  • Caravan accessories
  • Bicycle carriers, e.g. Thule
  • Electrical components, e.g. Niko
  • Construction and window elements e.g. Airdeck
  • Engineering
  • Air conditioning and ventilation, e.g. Daikin
  • Bed comfort components
  • Egg trays
  • Poultry crates
  • Gutters and grids
  • Aquarium and pond items
  • Grass squares e.g. Trudiplas