Produire lourd Grasdal

Possibility of producing heavy Grasdal replacing concrete.

Investing in moulds

With a good idea or a great design for universal pieces in relatively large quantities we are always prepared to discuss co-investment in the mould by STP.

New construction

STP once again invests in a new construction of 2500 m² with 2 overhead cranes of up to 10 ton. This results in a total built surface of 5000 m². The mould department is given a new set-up and the moulds are stored in a fireproof area. This extension was necessary due to the growing number of large machines (800 ton) and their operating robots. Of course this extension also brings with it more storage capacity.

New 800 ton machine

Recently an 800 ton machine with large manipulation robot was installed to be able to produce pieces of up to 4 kg. This extension was necessary to perpetuate the achieved Copro A label for grass reinforcement tiles. On this machine we still have excess capacity for medium or large series with the mould dimensions 1000 x 1500 mm. Please feel free to contact us with your request for a quotation.

Pressure and tensile machine up to 100 kN

Since accurate pressure and tensile tests are required for the Copro A label for grass reinforcement tiles, we have invested in a pressure-tensile machine of 100 kN. This machine can also conduct your pressure and tensile tests. It often comes down to not over-dimensioning a design. In order to achieve this, measurements during . the production are an advantage.

Thermo forming

STP also has thermoforming capabilities and rotation moulding of plastic parts. We have a thermo forming machine for components 400 x 600 mm and 80 moulds for standard articles such as mushroom containers, carrot or salad packaging, strawberry punnets and such. We would love to draw up a quotation for you.

Trends Gazelles

STP was awarded as fastest growing company with the Trends Gazelle 2013 Award in the category medium sized companies within the region West-Flanders. With this growth STP confirmed its position as important supplier of plastic injection mould articles. This Award is a stimulating factor to grow even more in our services towards clients.